Jane Goodall Barbie doll debuts ahead of World Chimpanzee Day

Barbie is expanding its Inspiring Women doll collection with a figurine modeled after world-famous conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall.

The doll’s release comes ahead of World Chimpanzee Day, which will be observed on Thursday, July 14. It also coincides with the 62nd anniversary of Goodall’s first trip to Tanzania’s Gombe National Park, where she conducted her pioneering research on chimpanzees.

Goodall, 88, discovered that chimpanzees are capable of making tools, practicing omnivore diets, waging wars, having strong mother-infant bonds and showing acts of compassion.

“My entire career, I’ve wanted to help inspire kids to be curious and explore the world around them — just like I did when I first traveled to Tanzania 62 years ago,” Goodall said, in a statement.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Barbie and encourage young children to learn from their environment and feel a sense that they can make a difference,” Goodall continued. “Through this partnership, I hope to inspire the next generation of eco-leaders to join me in protecting our planet and remind them they can be anything, anywhere — on the field, in the lab, and at the table.”

Mattel – the parent company of Barbie – and the Jane Goodall Institute are partnering on a Roots & Shoots program that’ll educate children about their social and environmental impact.

The toy company and community conservation organization will also launch a social media challenge with the hashtag #NaturallyCuriousJane, which will encourage kids to learn about their surroundings, whether it be through nature observation journaling, community mapping and green space building.

Additionally, Barbie will launch a 2022 Career of the Year Eco-Leadership Team doll collection in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, which will highlight environmental career paths, such as chief sustainability officer, conservation scientist, renewable energy engineer and environmental advocate.

The Barbie modeled after Goodall will be environmentally conscious as well with its recycled ocean-bound plastic makeup and CarbonNeutral certification from Climate Impact Partners – a voluntary carbon market group.

Mattel is aiming to become a fully sustainable company that uses 100% recycled, recyclable or bio-based plastic materials in all products and packaging. The toy giant is hoping to reach this goal by 2030.